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Rates & Insurance

30 minute Discovery Call: FREE
for new and interested 1:1 clients
A free phone consultation for new clients to briefly discuss what you're looking for from therapy, identify your goals, and clarify any questions you may have.


Online Assessments: $75
This includes administering the assessment, scoring, and interpreting as well as providing clinical recommendations on necessary treatment options.

Substance Abuse Evaluation: $200

Required for application to restore your driver's license through the State of Michigan or for court requirements. Click here for more information as to what is needed for this appointment. 

75 minute Initial Intake Session: $175
Required for all first-time clients. We will delve into relationship, family, career, and personal history to get to the root of your issues, and get a clear sense of direction as to what we need to focus on. During this session, we will clarify your goals, personal values, and discuss practices you can do individually to supplement what we do together.

Clinical Therapy:
(all sessions are currently telehealth. However, in-home sessions and outside therapy sessions are available based on location.)

50 minute 1:1 Session: $125
This is the "classic" session model, and can include talk therapy, somatic exercises, guided visualizations, homework for your time outside of therapy, and more. 
No Show/No 24 hr. prior notice of cancellation: $125

Pick My Brain Call (45 min): $75
For future/current therapists, online coaches, students, and wellness entrepeneurs
An offering for anyone who wants to pick my brain on anything client or business-related. To be clear, I am not a clinical supervisor and cannot offer supervision. This is only to help you look from outside of the box to gain a new perspective. This is also a great option for those looking for guidance, mentorship, advice, and insight from a different point of view. These calls are also not a therapy session, and focus directly on helping you gain clarity and direction.

***Student Pricing, Veteran Pricing, and Sliding Scale options are available. Please contact me for more information. (Verification of school enrollment, Military involvement, and income for sliding scale requests will be requested.)***

At this time, Blue Cross Blue Shield is the only insurance accepted. Please contact me to discuss services if you plan to use your insurance.

Benefits of not using insurance:
Insurance can make therapy less expensive, why not use it? I've come to believe that your privacy is more secure without the involvement of insurance companies. This is why:

* Insurance requires a diagnosis before granting benefits. Most people simply do not have a mental illness; but are wise enough to know they need help with the concerns that bring them to therapy. To diagnose everyone is to unnecessarily pathologize you.

* Insurance can review your treatment plans, progress, and also limit sessions. I tend to give more time during sessions when needed as it benefits you. With insurance, we are not allowed to do that.

* Insurance has limited coverage and often do not cover marital and family therapy. 

* Insurance does not provide 100% anonymity whereas paying out-of-pocket does.

I provide a wide variety of services that are not accepted under any insurance. Your rates will be determined based on your needs. Please contact me for rates and more information regarding personal training, DNA-based programming, nutrition coaching, basic yoga instruction, and other services unrelated to clinical therapy. 

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