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DNA Fitness & Nutrition

I offer 5 different programs designed to meet your specific goals. The available programs are:


* Weight management and weight loss

* 90 genetic markers tested, 24 traits scored

* Food, nutrient and exercise recommendations to achieve a healthy weight with full weekly meal and exercise plan



* Micronutrient tendency

* 42 genetic markers tested, 15 traits scored

* Genetic predisposition to being normal, below average or low in key vitamins and minerals



* Peak athletic performance

* 100 genetic markers tested, 15 traits scored

* Mental/physical foundation, training response, fuel utilization and recovery recommendations.



* Healthy aging

* 94 genetic markers tested, 28 traits scored

* Nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations to look and feel better, longer


ISSA Custom Program

* Combination of traits from all Gx programs above.

* These do not include ALL markers tested and traits scored. This does not include the exercise and meal plans provided in GxSlim.

* 123 genetic markers tested, 34 traits scored



ISSA Custom Program: $349

1st Gx Program: $299

2nd Gx Program: $150

3rd Gx Program: $100

4th Gx Program: $100

Swab kit: $20, waived with ISSA program or 2 or more Gx programs.

My recommendation is if you prefer having a general DNA report that provides you with a basic foundation to understanding, purchase the ISSA program.

If you have more specific goals related to weight loss, weight management, healthy aging, micronutrient tendencies, and obtaining peak athletic performance, the ISSA program is NOT recommended.

If you choose to purchase multiple programs at the same time as your initial order or in the future, you will receive a discount based on how many programs you purchase.


***Included with purchase of any and all programs purchased: 

Ongoing support for 3 months with weekly check-in meetings that include progress updates, re-evaluation as needed, and coaching. (value of $900)

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