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Clinical Therapist. Eco-Therapist.
Personal Trainer. Nutrition Coach. Transformation Specialist
Fitness, Nutrition & Yoga
Holistic Transformation
My Approach

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength” - Freud

I use an eclectic meld of therapeutic styles that include primarily a diverse mixture of Humanistic and Strength-Based therapies with a dose or two of Reality Therapy. With a positive approach, I will utilize the therapeutic styles you need the most. My approach as I work with you is to take into account the whole context of your life. A systems approach like this appreciates the many factors that create and contribute to the person you are. We will work together to enlighten your path to self-acceptance and building of your internal strength. We will work together to help you find your true inner peace.

About me

"Even in the midst of life's many storms, we have the capacity to stand in the center of our own Inner Peace."

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