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Holistic Transformation

"The body heals with play, 
the mind heals with laughter 
and the spirit heals with joy."

Holistic is defined as "all-encompassing". This means I design individualized treatment plans in direct response to the needs of your mind, body, and heart. I focus on providing holistic and evidenced-based therapy to overcome that which holds you back from reaching your full potential in mind, body, and spirit. We will use many different techniques such as breathwork, guided visualization, somatic work, and nature therapy. All of this is supported by several degrees in Psychology and Counseling, hundreds of hours of continued education psychotherapy training, along with certifications in many areas. While the past may create our present and influence our future, we will focus more on the now and your life today. This enables us to cultivate better coping strategies, and recognize areas in your life where you can begin to take back ultimate control from habitual or reactive behaviors - all while diving well into the process of self-acceptance and building self-worth. With this, you will also receive homework and tools to use outside of our sessions to help you succeed in the journey you are on. 

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