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Fitness, Nutrition & Yoga

Are you ready to get serious about making a change? We help design personalized fitness programs that are designed to fit your individual needs. We can help with weight loss, strengthening, flexibility, balance, posture, stress management, and sleep. The best part is I will show you how to do all of this in your home using basic equipment and your own body. No travel or home gym required! 

We also offer a Genetics-Based Fitness Program that is engineered for a person's unique genetic makeup, providing health, weight and performance management strategies tailored to your specific genotype. Click here to see more information and pricing.  

As a certified nutritionist, I will help you learn the basics of healthy eating without sacrificing taste. With many recipes and custom designed meal plans, boredom will never be an issue with your lifestyle change! The thing about nutrition is it's about balance. While I definitely think we should primarily consume foods with minimal processing, we are all human and sometimes we just want to dive into some comfort foods. With this in mind, I will help you learn about balance so you can enjoy the good stuff and still meet your goals. 

And then there's YOGA!! Yoga is AMAZING to help you find balance, strength, and flexibility... as well as relax. As of right now, we are offering in-home, outdoors and virtual classes from 30 minutes to 1 hour. We offer primarily beginner classes and can be done individually or with a few friends. 

Your initial consultation is FREE! Consultations are approximately 30 minutes but may go longer. My goal is to help you assess your needs, identify your goals, create a plan, and start the first step to a healthy self! 

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